May 19, 2016

Digestive System and Weight Loss

improve-digestion4-260x260Acupuncture for the Digestive System

According to Chinese Medicine  energy is produced from two sources : air inhaled during breathing and energy from food provided by proper digestion. Many diseases of digestive system and metabolic disturbances are treated successfully with acupuncture.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine for digestive disturbances and abdominal pain and discomfort can often provide relief where other methods have failed. Common conditions that are treatable with Chinese medicine include constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux syndrome and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Energy Levels: When digestion is poor, energy levels drop due to the inefficient extraction of nutrients from food and the impaired elimination of waste products. Acupuncture and herbal medicine optimize the digestion system and restore energy levels.

Chinese Medicine Theory: The digestion system is the center of Chinese medicine theory. Known as the “Spleen and Stomach” school of thought, it is believed that digestion is central to bodily health. The body receives energy from Kidney Qi (known as genetics in western thought) and Post Natal Qi. Post Natal Qi is derived from food and air. The ability of the body to breathe properly and extract nutrients from food provides the basis for a healthy life. The transforming and transporting functions of digestion help to deliver nutrients where they are needed and to eliminate toxins and waste efficiently. Acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietetics are central components of Chinese medicine that are used to IBS1enhance digestion and good health.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Various conditions, which are characterized by inflammatory processes of the digestive system, especially of small intestine and large intestine, are collectively known as inflammatory bowel
disease. Two main types of these diseases are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It is estimated that in 2010, those illnesses caused the death of 34000 people. Because of the seriousness of symptoms, complications of long-term drug treatment, patients often look for additional methods of treatment.


Diabetes: Diabetes is defined as a disease characterized by an increased level of glucose in blood. It stems from the fact that body is not able to transport glucose to the inside of cells. Thus, the level of glucose in blood is too high, while cells
are starving to death. There are two types of diabetes:How-to-Improve-Your-Digestive-System

  • Type 1 diabetes – insulin dependent – is caused by actual lack of insulin
    because of damage of β cells of Langerhans Islets.
  • Type 2 diabetes – insulin-independent – is a metabolic disease, connected often with obesity. Primarily, it is characterized by resistance to insulin, relative lack of insulin and hyperglycemia.

Stomach Ulcers: Patients suffering from stomach ulcers often look for help outside of mainstream medicine. When gastroesophageal reflux was discussed, it was said that acupuncture added to the basic dose of a proton pump inhibitor is more efficient than doubling the dose. Influence of random techniques of needle acupuncture on electrical activity of the stomach was also researched.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss20130805165357_weightLoss1

Obesity today has become a very common problem for hundreds of adults and children alike. Acupuncture can work for weight loss, which is a great news for many but necessary measures will need to be taken
such as switching to a healthier lifestyle and making better more informed health and food consumption choices. The main reason that acupuncture is able to help with weight loss is because it acts as a supplemental therapy, but the patient will need to commit to a proper, nutritious and healthy diet with regular exercising and lower stress levels. First, upon diagnosis, the patient’s pressure points are determined, needles are then inserted in a session of about 45 to 30 minutes which follows. This process aids in a more effective management of the metabolic reactions and reduces food cravings also improving the overall blood circulation in the body. The treatment is scheduled, at least once or twice a week and continues for about 9 to 12 weeks until you have reached the desired weight.

Ear acupuncture is one of the most effective way of acupuncture for weight loss. Also known as Auricular acupuncture for weight loss, its points are stimulated by using little tacks and seed sized beads or magnets which are taped to the points in order to boost the effectiveness of the operation. The most conjoint ear acupuncture points of the operation are Shenmen, Tranquility and point zero. And the other losing weight points concerned there is Mouth, Small intestine, endocrine point, spleen, thyroid gland and hunger points. Whenever the patient who’s in this treatment gets desires for food in between meals then we apply middle pressures to these points or ear staples are rubbed.weight
After this action, the endorphins get released and they induces the feeling of contentment and relaxation, this way the person gets distracted of his food desires. The endorphins also affect the digestive and hormonal systems and rebalance them during the ear acupuncture for weight loss. There are plenty of ear acupuncture points that help limiting the desire and appetite, and they keep them under your control.

The treatment of ear acupuncture for weight loss can be the ultimate solution for your weight problems and this treatment has proven its effectiveness as the best way to fight against fats and ailments. The good news is this can help anyone achieve its weight loss goals quickly and easily more than what you think, Especially with the help of some other treatments and simple exercise routine and the necessary diet.